The manual of Mastery features a simple book-like
design to allow you to quickly and easily add the details
of your Wizards. Click on the small images to view the
full image.

Profile Page is where you add the details of your Wizard, and you can save the data for 6 wizards.
Backpack Page is where you save the items you own, both in your Backpack or your banks. Each wizard has their own set of data.
If you find an item that does not exist, use the Ites page to add it. This is also where you add the details of your pets.

Equip Page is where you save the items your Wizard is currently equipped with. Again this is saved for each of your Wizards.

The Optimize Page is where the real magic happens! You can choose to Optimize the gear based on 1-3 priorities(for example Max Health, Max Critical Rating to Storm), then click Optimize.

The Optimize results page allows you compare what your Wizard is wearing against the optimized gear. you can even compare the optimized gear against each other. Double-clik on any of the items to open the wiki page, so you can check where to get it!