06/01/2014: Latest Gear loaded, including Khrysalis items

 New items added - now over 9,000 items available

1. How do I find the base stats for my Wizard?

Click on your Wizard101 character page and hover over each of the stats. Your base stats will be displayed, in addition to the gear that is affecting it. The base stat is the one you enter into the Manual of Mastery. Remember this changes each time you level up!

2. Do I have to mark all my BackPack items as owned?

No. Marking gear as owned allows you to filter and find those items quickly. For example, when you run the Optimizer, you can chose to just optimize on the gear you own.

3. I am not a Crown Player. Will the Optimizer still work for me?

Yes. You can filter the data by Crowns, Owned, Usable and Manually Added. This means you can choose "No Crowns Items" as a filter. Additionally, when you view the results you are able to ignore items - this is helpful when choosing PvP gear for example.

4. Do I have to add my Pet details?

No. If your pet does not affect your stats, or you do not want to include it when you Optimize, then you do not need to enter any details.

5. How many items does the Manual of Mastery contain?

Over 8,000 items. We provide updates every-time there is a major release, including seasonal and pack updates.

6. Will I lose my Wizard data when the database is updated?

No. Your Wizard data is not part of the update, those details will not change. However, if you have edited an existing item, for example a re-stitch, then the data for that item will need to be updated after a new data release.