For all Wizards wanting to Master the Spiral

We are a family of Wizards, most of us being avid fans and players now for more than 18 months. During our time in the spiral we have tried to find better ways of working out gear to use to best suit different situations. For a while we had some spreadsheets to try and help us, but it was all too hard. We wanted to enjoy the game without the constant questions:

“Is this worth buying or crafting?”
“Will this help me in a Fire Boss Fight?”.

You get the picture!

So we decided to help ourselves by creating an App to help answer these questions. Hence the “Manual of Mastery” was born. Out of frustration, out of need… And it has proved to be so useful that we have decided to open up access to the App to the Wizard101 community.

We write about our adventures in “Wizards Keep”. Between us, we cover all aspects of the game and hope to be able to help Wizards, new and old, to discover what a truly wonderful place the Spiral can be.

Thanks for checking out the Manual of Mastery. We hope you find it as helpful as we have!