For all Wizards wanting to Master the Spiral

  • Want to dominate in PvP, but unsure of the best gear?
  • Is it worth crafting that new robe?
  • Should I buy that new ring in the Bazaar?




Well, unfortunately, that is no longer possible by using the Manual of Mastery.


At the insistence of KingsIsle and their legal people, it is with much sorry that I have been forced to withdraw the Manual of Mastery.

This is a very sad day and I am extremely disappointed, but I guess it is just another case of a small Aussie company getting smacked down by a large US one.  I wonder if they remember what it was like before they were successful.

I know the game is awesome, but I guess they caught a break at some point...

Oh, and for the sake of clarity, I have been told that I have to be clear about the fact that we are not, in any way, associated with KingsIsle Entertainment.

Further, and of course, all relevant images are and remain the Copyright of KingsIsle Entertainment..